This Is Why Fashion Trend Is Important


Trend is the direction or the way of something new evolving.
Therefore, the last of the involvement of the fashion manufacture is the fashion trend.

The circle of fashion trend

Premier section of the cycle, when seeing that amazing stylish shoe or hat on your way to work,
at that moment many questions come to mind, what kind of dress? how it is made…
after that, the ideas are applied to reality and the creativity begins.

Preparation of wardrobe

No one of us don’t get inspired when he open his wardrobe, when you see your old and new clothes
suddenly inspiration comes to you to create a new style, Perhaps with old and torn clothes, you can
create a unique style.

Fashion & people

You can know a lot about a person just from the way he dresses, One cannot say that they don’t care
about fashion, this is a mistake because fashion is not just wearing clothes,it includes wearing vesture
that make a unique statement about your personality, sometimes fashion tell us what to wear and maybe the way
we dress can be the start of a very beautiful love affair.

Fashion effect

We all want to be loved by everyone and this is the main reason for our attention to fashion and dress
You could end up asking a fashion counselor what to wear or what not to wear because he is a specialist in
this domain

The language of fashion

Fashion and clothing are like language full of signs, they tell the history of humans from the beginning to
the present. In addition, the type of clothing a person wears distinguishes the social status of the owner
It also shows the nature of his work.
In the past, the kings had their distinctive costumes

Fashionable inspiration

Fashion trends can be a waste of time and money because it’s constantly changing.
To stay in touch with the latest fashion trends fortuitously there are several ways
Read fashion magazines regularly, watch various fashion shows, visit a varied mixture of the fashion website and blogs,
visit the department stores…

Catching the latest fashion trends

Each of us wants to look good and impress people around that’s why we follow the latest fashion trends
Following the latest fashion is not only a necessity but also it’s something fun to do
so when you figure out today’s fashion and get the detail to go with it, next day will be something new

Expected fashion trends

Fashion forecasting is the latest study that concentrates on current fashion.
some designers focus on many keys such as fabric,color ,graphics , print, texture, etc

Factors deciding fashion trends

There are many different factors that are involved in governing the fashion trend
1- Economic Factor: Economic can play a very important role in fashion activity and the proof is When the economic
the situation of a country revives it appears in its members through the style and the quality of clothing.
2- science Factor: Science contributed significantly to the development of fashion in the 20th century…

As previously said, fashion trends are the cornerstone of development and progress, for this reason That’s
why we should care about it

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